Will 2016 be the year to make or break DevOps? – TechRepublic

techrepublic-logo-94e59c3dcacd40c45f008f3e2d587b4b[1]This week I was privileged to talk with Conner Forrest, an insightful writer and Enterprise Editor over at the esteemed journal, Tech Republic, about the future of DevOps and what to look forward to in 2016.

Among some very interesting commentary, including from a great analyst, Kurt Bittner, I said:

If DevOps continues its growth, it has the potential to move past the confines of just development and operations. Andi Mann, Splunk’s chief technology advocate, said that DevOps will evolve to move into other aspects of IT and the business.”Streamlining Dev and Ops, of course, but also spreading out to DBAs, storage, networking, security and even into business areas like PMO, strategy and marketing,” Mann said. “In today’s world, IT is the business, so we all need to go faster, collaborate better and drive better outcomes—in IT and beyond.”

Check out the whole article – it’s a good read – over at TechRepublic: Will 2016 be the year to make or break DevOps?TechRepublic