Expert interview on software localization for worldwide markets: Part 2

I was recently interviewed by the lovely people over at Sajan, who offer “a full range of language translation and localization services, covering all languages from Afrikaans to Welsh.” How awesome is that!? Here’s a short intro to Part 2 of the interview at the source over at

What global tech trends are you seeing right now? Any predictions on where tech is headed?

One of the most exciting trends today is using data analytics and machine learning to better understand and improve customer satisfaction. From Web servers to mobile and Internet devices, we can gather immense volumes of data full of valuable information—about user experience, customer sentiment, purchasing patterns, production efficiency, investment effectiveness, competitive advantage and more.

Data analytics makes this data meaningful and actionable, while machine learning adapts quickly to new inputs and provides new insights from existing data. It is early days for these approaches, but the potential is exciting!

A key trend to watch into the future is the disintegration of information technology, from all-in-one hardware and software monoliths to loosely coupled online and mobile services. This will completely disrupt the traditional technology world, requiring a more fundamental response than just a new architecture as it enables radical new innovations and puts consumers even more in charge.

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