7 things 2016 has in store for the future of DevOps and IT

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In a stunning turn of selective memory, I have decided to ignore the abject inaccuracies of all my former predictions and pretend that, once again, I can see the future, all evidence to the contrary. Alongside Rick Fitz (SVP and GM of my team at Splunk) and other notable commentators, I have contributed to my friends at DevOps.com some ideas on what 2016 holds for machine data, DevOps – and an idea I have been playing with for some tme now, the ‘Balkanization of IT’ (more on that coming soon!):

“Next year this ‘Uberfication of IT’ will turn into a ‘Balkanization of IT,’ driving stakeholders to demand better insight, governance and control of federated technologies to integrate adoption, usage, monitoring, security, cost control and more across shared services.” Enterprise DevOps will grow rapidly. The DevOps revolution has taken IT and app development by storm in recent years, but most of the traction has been in startups or smaller businesses that have more freedom to shift gears and embrace new concepts. Enterprise adoption has been growing, but at a much slower rate. Andi Mann, chief technology advocate for Splunk, said, “In 2016 we will see rapid acceleration of DevOps with 50 percent or more of large businesses finally adopting ‘Enterprise DevOps’ — a pragmatic, scalable approach to adopting the culture, process and technology changes at the heart of DevOps.”

Check out the whole thing on the DevOps.com site – I think there are some interesting ideas there, amongst the wild predictions – via 7 things 2016 has in store for the future of DevOps and IT – DevOps.com.