Wearable tech is here – are you ready?


Today I was privileged to have RCR Wireless publish my new article on wearable technologies, titled ‘Wearable tech is here – are you ready?‘:

As businesses take the lead in delivering compelling new services with wearable technology, they have to step up their game to be sure wearable tech meets consumer expectations. With wearable technology, you’re enhancing the customer experience. But you’re also adding another layer of things that can go wrong and end up annoying that customer. Wearable is beginning to transition from an interesting, convenient new tech to something that businesses and consumers rely on. What was once gee-whiz amazing is now something we just take for granted. The same will happen as wearable technology becomes more successful.

Read more at the original, over at RCR Wireless – http://www.rcrwireless.com/article/20140413/readerforum/reader-forum-wearable-tech-ready/