DevOps: A Culture Shift, Not A Technology – InformationWeek

Andi Mann at InformationWeek CIO Conference

My goodness, who is that attractive and intelligent-looking bloke in full swing presenting at InformationWeek CIO Conference??

I am extremely grateful to my mate Charlie Babcock over at InformationWeek for publishing a great article on DevOps, featuring some of my ideas on this new approach for accelerating delivery of new applications and services.

“The term ‘DevOps’ is a horrible one,” said Mann at a talk on “What Smart Businesses Know About DevOps” at the InformationWeek Conference in Las Vegas March 31, and also in an interview afterward. DevOps suggests that the life of a software application “begins with development and ends with operations,” when in fact it may be under continuous development to reflect changing business conditions.

Please head over to InformationWeek to read the full article, DevOps: A Culture Shift, Not A Technology – InformationWeek.

btw, you can see my whole presentation from the InformationWeek Conference, TechInsights Research: What Smart Businesses Know About DevOps‘, on SlideShare. The deck is embedded in miniature below, or click through to see full-size at