The Top Five Can’t-Miss Cloud Sessions at CA World 2013

CA World - Go Big! IT with Impact!

CA World ’13 – Go Big! IT with Impact!

As most of you are well aware (unless you’ve been living under a rock), CA World is just days away. And the hype leading up to the event is palpable. With so many things to see, people to meet, and fun to be had, I thought it would be a good time to tell you about some of the most coveted sessions you won’t want to miss. While there are many sessions planned around those disruptive new trends we are seeing evolve before our eyes, I wanted to focus this particular post on the cloud-related sessions – this is a Cloud Storm Chasing crew after all.

In full disclosure, I thought this would be a quick post to write. Turns out I was wrong.  When you search for “cloud” within the session catalog, there are over 90 sessions to choose from! That makes it hard to narrow it down to just 5. Well, I’ll do my best….here goes:

1. Maintaining Secure Access, Authentication and Authorization in a World of Cloud and IT Consumerization  (Shell Oil)

To many, cloud and security mix together just about as well as oil and vinegar. In other words, not very well. However, we are slowly starting to see our customers come around to embrace the notion that their data and applications may very well be safe in the cloud after all. But if you still need convincing, you won’t want to miss this session presented by Shell Oil. They will discuss how they have been able to adjust their Information Security Architecture to support the wide range of users and devices that are accessing their services in the cloud.

2. Panel: Moving IAM to the Cloud: The Right Model for your Organization

Need more than one session to have all your cloud security questions answered? Join this panel discussion hosted by Joni Brennan of the Kantara Initiative and experts from CA Technologies, Deloitte & Touch LLP, Univita Health and more. You’ll get answers to questions such as: What security services should I migrate to the cloud? How should I migrate IAM to the cloud? What relevant industry standards do I need to consider for IAM in the cloud? And more.

3. Case Study: Assuring Mission Critical Cloud-Based Services  (Park Place International)

Ever wonder how to ensure your applications – especially those pesky mission-critical ones – will continue to operate in tip-top shape in the cloud? Come to this session to hear from Park Place International, a provider of cloud-based monitoring solutions for the healthcare industry, and learn how to keep your IT service availability, performance, privacy and security in check.

4. Maintaining IT Relevance in a Cloudy World (Unum)

When it comes to cloud, one of the biggest fears of IT is the ability to prove to the business that they are still relevant. Coupled with the demand to reduce IT costs, the increasing complexity of the infrastructure and a less-than-ideal economy, the pressure on IT is greater than it’s ever been. But don’t throw in the towel yet! In this session, Unum will show how they were able to bring relevance back to their IT operations through automation and orchestration in the cloud.

5. Putting the Map in the Cloud!  (Vnetrix, Atkins)

This is a great story of our industry leading CA AppLogic cloud platform told from the perspective of both the service provider (Vnetrix) and the enterprise they work with (Atkins). Together, they tag team to share their experiences working together to deliver cost-savings, improved service delivery, and scalability speed! For a sneak peek, you can check out our Luminaries interviews with both Vnetrix and Atkins to hear more about their story.

And a bonus session:

The Transformation to Hybrid IT: Crossing the Cloud Services Lifecycle

(Okay, okay, I know I said 5, but what good would I be if I didn’t plug my own session?!) Come hear about the cloud service lifecycle and how to make the transition to a hybrid IT environment. After all, there is more to your IT ecosystem than just cloud, so it’s imperative that you understand how cloud delivery models interoperate within the broader IT framework – and learn to embrace the hybrid world around you.

Look forward to seeing you all later this month in Las Vegas at CA World 2013!


This post was originally posted at’s Cloud Storm Chasers blog