Boosting Your Career with a DevOps Mindset – Dice Insights

I was thrilled when the other day someone reached out to me from Dice – the career hub for tech! – to ask what it takes to ‘do DevOps’, and how should job seekers look to gain skills that will set them up for those increasingly lucrative jobs with ‘DevOps’ in the titles. After a short interview, I am so happy to be able to pass on even a small bit of advice to help prospective jobs seekers, like:

A DevOps mentality also demands commitment—this isn’t a one-and-done sort of thing. “If you identify process gaps during cross-training, work together to close them and improve quality,” suggested Andi Mann, chief tech advocate for Splunk. “Closing gaps between individuals and teams by using shared approaches and automation are the underpinnings of DevOps success.” If cross-training isn’t possible in your current environment, acquire practical experience by participating in a DevOps hackathon or bootcamp where you can work side-by-side with peers on continuous delivery and testing, or implementing infrastructure as code.

Becoming proficient with a software version control system such as Git is another way for operations professionals to get more familiar with the development process and its tools.“Using the same tools, languages and measurements and referring to incidents in the same way can kick-start cultural change by shifting development to the left and operations to the right,” Mann said.

There is a lot more in the article, including some advice from other great experts like Chef’s Matt Ray and You should check the whole post over at the source, Boosting Your Career with a DevOps Mindset over on Dice Insights