CIOs Must Break Down Knowledge Barriers To Spur Innovation – Heller Report

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Today I had the honor to have a guest blog published over at The Heller Report’s regular column, “You and Your CIO Career“. This is an excellent blog for CIOs  from Martha Heller, President of Heller Search Associates (‘the premier source for CIO and executive technology talent’), contributing editor for CIO magazine, and author of The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership.

My guest blog, ‘CIOs Must Break Down Knowledge Barriers To Spur Innovation‘, is based on an excerpt from my latest book, ‘The Innovative CIO: How IT Leaders Can Drive Business Transformation‘.

The Innovative CIO takes an approach that enables other business areas to “pull” innovation from technology. This approach is more consultative, more cooperative, more timely, and more aligned both to real-time business needs and to real-time technology innovations. It also equalizes the power to say “no” to new ideas—and the power to say “yes.”

So, how does the business know which services to pull? How do business leaders find out about the new technologies that might be available to them? To promote business pull of technology, one key starting point is the democratization of knowledge.

You can check out the whole piece at the source, CIOs Must Break Down Knowledge Barriers To Spur Innovation, at the Heller Report. And of course, you can buy ‘The Innovative CIO‘ for Kindle, ebook, or in hardcopy at Amazon and at Apress.