Who’s Who in Cloud, July 13, 2012 | Gathering Clouds

Wow, I have been name-checked in Gathering Clouds in their “Who’s Who in Cloud“. Wow. And check the other names in the list – that is a huge compliment!

Barb Darrow: A timely dive into what Amazon’s recent outages really mean. Big up to Barb.

Andi Mann: Exploring the CIO mentality where innovation is concerned from Andi Mann

Derrick Harris: Taking on the behemoth that is Hadoop, courtesy of Mr. Harris.

Larry Walsh: $$ lines the road to the cloud, so says Gartner. Check out Larry Walsh.

Larry Dignan: Big data awareness is driving big growth returns, via Larry Dignan.

You can read the whole list over at Gathering Clouds, in their post Who’s Who in Cloud, July 13, 2012.