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The ‘Myth’ of the Mainframe Cloud

Recently I read an interesting piece by Quentin Hardy (@qhardy), the Deputy Tech Editor and The New York Times on IBM’s Big Plans for Cloud Computing. Featuring Lance Crosby (@lavosby), CEO and Founder of SoftLayer (recently acquired by IBM), it…

Fantastic Cloud Expo West … Again!

This past week I attended the 13th International Cloud Expo West out in Santa Clara. Once again it was a fantastic event. I had meetings with some really interesting start-ups in cloud, attended several excellent sessions, met with some great…

CloudViews Unplugged: March 2013

In this episode of CloudViews Unplugged, Andi Mann and George Watt of CA Technologies discuss migration to the cloud, IBM’s Watson helps oncologists develop cancer treatments, green cloud algorithms, and the zombie alert issued over the Emergency Alert System. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NXvG0w99-A

CA Putting Cloud Pieces Together

I was interviewed for a great article published today in CRN titled, “CA Putting Cloud Pieces Together”. In it, Jack McCarthy writes:

The Cost of Innovation in Virtualization and Cloud?

I was pointed the other day to a chart on the Business Insider ‘Chart of the Day’ (@chartoftheday) showing the R&D expenditures for a handful of tech companies, evidence of Apple’s supposedly superior ‘innovation’ compared to four apparently randomly chosen…

Mainframe as an Enterprise Desktop Virtualization Server?

In my last blog, I talked about the idea of a ‘software mainframe’, and how – if that term really means anything – IBM could actually be a serious threat to VMware (and the Virtual Computing Environment coalition of VMware/Cisco/EMC)…

Is ‘VM Stall’ the Next Big Virtualization Challenge?

There appears to be a challenger to ‘VM sprawl’ as the scourge of virtualization success – a problem I call ‘VM stall’.

We know about ‘VM sprawl’ – because new virtual machines are so easy to deploy, organizations can end up with more VMs that they can handle, or even use. This has the potential to cause severe problems to availability, performance, compliance, costs, security, and more.

However, I am seeing more and more evidence of this new phenomenon I think of as ‘VM stall’ – the tendency for virtualization deployments to stall once the ‘low-hanging fruit’ has been converted (typically around 20-30% of servers).

I think it happens more or less like this…

Novell Announces Intelligent Workload Management (IWM)

Today Novell released the details of their eagerly awaited Intelligent Workload Management (IWM) solutions. Novell has an exceptional opportunity, great development, and an excellent product line that clearly makes sense in this newly defined ‘market’. Plus, Novell really had to…