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Is ‘VM Stall’ the Next Big Virtualization Challenge?

There appears to be a challenger to ‘VM sprawl’ as the scourge of virtualization success – a problem I call ‘VM stall’.

We know about ‘VM sprawl’ – because new virtual machines are so easy to deploy, organizations can end up with more VMs that they can handle, or even use. This has the potential to cause severe problems to availability, performance, compliance, costs, security, and more.

However, I am seeing more and more evidence of this new phenomenon I think of as ‘VM stall’ – the tendency for virtualization deployments to stall once the ‘low-hanging fruit’ has been converted (typically around 20-30% of servers).

I think it happens more or less like this…

In Cloud, ITIL, and SOE – Heterogeneity is the New Standard

I read recently a good blog post from Thomas Bittman (@tombitt) of Gartner Group, about how sometimes close enough is good enough. Talking specifically about private cloud, he talked about how an ‘imperfect’ cloud deployment – one that does not…

On My Leaving EMA to Join CA

For those who have asked, and others who may care to know – the rumours are indeed true. After many happy years leading the fantastic systems and storage management team at one of the very best IT industry analyst and…