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Survey: DevOps an Overnight Success Because It Works

We’ve all heard of bands or movie stars that seem to be overnight successes, even though they’ve been working hard for 10 years to “suddenly” make it. Like them, the idea of DevOps seems to have come out of nowhere,…

CloudViews Unplugged: April 2013

In this episode of CloudViews Unplugged, Andi Mann and George Watt of CA Technologies discuss the hard truths of cloud computing, cloud tax laws, robots leveraging the cloud to complete complex tasks and more! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9e0KP1cITk  

The CIO as a Business Service Conductor

A long time ago, someone asked me on Twitter what is the difference between automation and orchestration. It really got me thinking, and eventually I think I answered by using an actual musical orchestra as a metaphor. In this metaphor,…

CA Putting Cloud Pieces Together

I was interviewed for a great article published today in CRN titled, “CA Putting Cloud Pieces Together”. In it, Jack McCarthy writes:

Sprawl or Stall: How’s your virtualization project going?

I had a great interview recently with Kathleen Lau for her feature article in IT World Canada, Sprawl or Stall: How’s your virtualization project going? where she looks at the causes behind two common problems plaguing virtualization deployments, and how…