Why Your Big Data Needs Good Algorithms – Datamation

I was interviewed last week for a new article by my mate, the most excellent Andy Patrizio, writing for one of my favourite journals, Datamation. We talked about algorithms and more, and he also talked with¬†Gartner and others too. This is a really interesting piece, you should read the whole thing over at Datamation; but here is a short preview…

524656_10150902512228574_1309684095_n“Data will tell you everything, and data is absolutely growing. The problem is people can’t deal with the volumes of data. Data scientists can do amazing things but it’s only that top level data that’s valuable,” said Andi Mann, chief technology advocate for Splunk, a platform provider of operational intelligence.

He added that the problem with algorithms is they can be static, doing the same thing over and over with the data. “Which is fine, in some cases. But if you are trying to disrupt a market, build a business in a new region, you need flexibility. Can they reprocess data with a new lens? Algorithms won’t do that. They are only as smart as they were when they were created,” said Mann.

via Why Your Big Data Needs Good Algorithms – Datamation.