How Discovery Used Splunk to Survive Shark Week

So, in a happy turn I recently found out I had been cited by Erika Morphy over at CMSWire in her super roundup of the announcements and customer stories from the annual Splunk user group, .conf15. It was a fantastic show, and Erika captures a lot of highlights:

Andi Mann, chief technology officer at Splunk, described many of these presentations in a blog post from the conference.

Partner monitoring was another example, he wrote, in which the company tracked and alerted on API failure rates for partner services. ITSI’s predictive analytics component was the highlight of yet another presentation, but this time as a resource planning tool — that is, the company deployed it to help it plan for upcoming disk space demand and new licenses.

And then there is Discovery Communications and its use case: monitoring performance around its real time content management strategy.

And that was just a very short sample – check the whole article, How Discovery Used Splunk to Survive Shark Week.