As interest grows, container management features still missing

I had a great chat recently with a fantastic journo and a good mate, Alex Barrett over at Tech Target, about one of the hottest areas in virtualization, cloud, and DevOps. Yep, that big!

Logo_for_LinkedIN2_400x400Enterprise IT shops are interested in containers, but there’s a lot that needs to happen before they adopt them whole-hog, said Andi Mann, business technology strategist at Sageable, an independent technology consulting firm.

“I’m hearing a lot of enterprises talk about whether they should or shouldn’t adopt containers, which usually means that they will,” said Mann. We’re already seeing a lot of traction in agile development environments, where there are strong processes in place for open source tools, but enterprise-wide adoption is a different story, and “the difference is the management layer.”

“Sure, there are a lot of orchestration tools, for example, but we’re still missing a lot of the more mundane management features such as test automation, provisioning, security and performance monitoring,” Mann said.

And while the open source community has put a lot of effort into developing container technology, enterprises are still wary of new open source projects with dubious longevity, said Mann. “There are so many one-off management tools that get written and then are left by the wayside.”

Please go over to the source and read the whole article, As interest grows, container management features still missing.