iSpeak™ DevOps: Top 5 Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

Have I mentioned that Jeanne Morain, my co-author on ‘Visual Ops – Private Cloud‘ (see side bar to the right), is one of the best people I know in tech, or maybe ever? Well, you should know that, because then it will be no surprise that I jumped at a chance to do a webinar with her and Brian Elkins of Beyond Office as part of Jeanne’s excellent iSpeak™ series.

This webinar was on ‘DevOps: Top 5 Implementation Mistakes to Avoid‘, and I think it was pretty excellent.

DevOps is a key ingredient for success to meet the rapid fire changes of the Digital Revolution. Despite that fact – many projects start out with the right intentions but quickly fizzle and fade because of common implementation mistakes that impact the Business and IT alike.

Recorded Aug 18 2015 33 mins.  Watch for free!

Presented by Jeanne Morain, Business Technology Specialist; Andi Mann, Sageable;Brian Elkins, Beyond Office

Check it out over at the original on Slideshare via iSpeak™ DevOps: Top 5 Implementation Mistakes to Avoid.