VDI wrangles rogue Windows 10 upgrades

I recently had a conversation with a great journo and good mate, Bridget Botelho over at TechTarget’s VDI and desktop virtualization site, SearchVirtualDesktop.com, about some of the key risks in Windows 10 upgrades, and how VDI and cloud can help mitigate the risks:

When Windows 10 becomes available on July 29, it’s likely employees will take advantage of the free upgrade — whether IT is ready to support Microsoft’s new OS or not. The culture of consumerization and the low barrier to Windows 10 upgrades will add another complexity to the multiple OS versions most enterprises already have.

Some applications will be incompatible with Windows 10 and require rewriting, said Andi Mann, business technology strategist and head of Sageable LLC, a technology strategy and analysis firm in Boulder, Colo.

Please check the whole article over at Tech Target, via VDI wrangles rogue Windows 10 upgrades.