DevOps and better apps hold the key to brand loyalty | IT World Canada News


I was recently privileged to spend time on a radio show styled webcast with Jim Love, CIO and contributor to IT World Canada, on the topic of how DevOps and better apps hold the key to brand loyalty. After the event, Jeff Jadras of IT World Canada put together an excellent summary article about my conversation with Jim …

We now live in the app economy said webinar host Jim Love, CIO of ITWC, and anyone who thinks the app economy is hype will find themselves sadly mistaken. “I don’t think we even think about (apps) anymore,” said Love. “It’s just part of our day.” That was echoed by Andi Mann, vice-president in the office of the CTO for CA Technologies, which sponsored the webinar. “Messaging and email we do every hour, if not every minute. And things like banking; I haven’t been to a bank branch in years,” said Mann. “Being able to do that online using an app is just second nature.”

Some 45 per cent of Canadian consumers are using aps to make at least one financial transaction every day, and it’s not just banking. We’re shopping and even researching purchase we may make later in a traditional retail setting. “Before getting in touch with you, they’re researching you using apps,” said Mann. “As soon as a customer looks to you to buy insurance, they’re already looking at what your brand represents in your app.”

These apps are creating a whole new economy, everywhere from retail to finance, and for consumers the advantages have been numerous. The challenge, said Mann, has been for traditional businesses, who are facing sometimes contradictory demands for both speed and quality. “There’s an unprecedented need for speed; customers want it now,” said Mann. “And you can put out an app, but if it doesn’t work well users will abandon it.”

There is a lot more in the original article, and i think it is well worth reading. Please check out the original via IT World Canada – DevOps and better apps hold the key to brand loyalty | IT World Canada News.