Virtualization vs. Containers: What You Need to Know – Datamation

I recently spent spome time thinking abotu virtual machines and containers, in light of the new thrust from orgs like Docker and CoreOS, for an article from the excellent Andy Patrizioover at DataMation.

“Containers have critical limitations in areas like OS support, visibility, risk mitigation, administration, and orchestration. This is especially true for the newer brands of containerization which do not (yet) have a significant management and security ecosystem, in contrast to more mature solutions like Solaris containers,” said Andi Mann, vice president and a member of the Office of the CTO at CA.

“Containers and VMs are destined to be close companions in the cloud of clouds. Just as one cloud is not enough, and so too, one virtualization technology is not enough. Each technology provides a different response to different use cases, and in many cases work together to solve those challenges,” said Mann.

“Containers are especially good for early development, for example, because the speed of manual provisioning/deprovisioning greatly outweighs the improved manageability of a virtual machine in an environment where everything is new and rapidly changing,” he added.

There’s a lot more in the original piece, including several other experts from 451 Research and others. Check the original: Virtualization vs. Containers: What You Need to Know – Datamation.