Big Data, Big Risk – My Upcoming Session at Data360

hBiFBow[1]I am excited to be a panelist at a great session for the upcoming Data 360 Conference, co-located with the HealthTech Conference, to be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California April 2-3, 2014.

The session itself is called “Big Data Big Risk : Protecting PII From Penetration, Prying, and Proliferation”, and will be held April 2 at 9am-10am. The session addresses the increase in risk that comes with big data collection and storage; the greater likelihood of allowing some of that data (especially Personally Identifiable Information – PII) to leak or be penetrated; and how to secure and protect big data from these new risks and attacks, especially in Healthcare & Financial industry.

I have some important areas to cover, and some customer stories to tell. Especially in finance and healthcare, the move to cloud and collaborative approaches like DevOps pose major risks for data protection, and the expansion of information collection in a ‘big data’ operation greatly exacerbates these issues. Considering the ever-increasing risk from such big data operations, and the seemingly weekly penetration and leakage of personal data, it is even more important now to address these issues head-on. Managing and protecting big data at rest, in motion, in use, and on access become even more important; ensuring only authorized people can access this data becomes even more difficult; understanding after the event who has accessed what and how becomes even more complex.

These are some of the issues I will be discussing, with my excellent co-panelists Kurt Hagerman (FireHost), Darin Brannan (ClearDATA), and our host, Sanjay Joshi (EMC) – Moderator. The rest of the conference looks excellent too – I am hoping I can spare the time to hang around and watch some of the other sessions too.

We are just a few days away from the conference, and I would love to see you there. You can of course register on the web site, and follow along on the @DATA360SF Twitter hashtag and the #DATA360SF hashtag. For more information regarding the conference agenda and the venue check out or

And if you decide to come along, please do let me know, and perhaps we can connect in person!