How devops and cloud can remake your IT department – Network World

Network World LogoWe had a great TechViews tweetchat recently, all on the topic of DevOps. Great turnout, and you might still be able to read the Storify transcript here.

A couple of days later, Brandon Butler of Network World wrote a really great article, ‘How devops and cloud can remake your IT department‘, with commentary from Kyle MacDonald, vice president of cloud at Ubuntu; Andy Knosp, vice president of product at Eucalyptus; Lori MacVitte, a senior product manager and blogger at F5; and Chris Williams, co-founder of Rafter. In it Brandon et al explore how devops and cloud computing can reshape IT departments willing to make the jump.

Then along the way, he cites me, from our TechViews tweetchat!

One of the fears about devops and the cloud is what it means for traditional roles of IT folks. In this new world of combined roles, where do traditional operations folks fit in? In a recent chat on Twitter about devops strategies, Andi Mann, vice president at CA Technologies summed it up with this tweet:

A4. 5 things are key challenges to #DevOps. In order: People. People. People. People. Oh, and people. 😉 #Techviews
— Andi Mann (@AndiMann) June 25, 2013

Go check out the whole article at the source – How devops and cloud can remake your IT department – Network World. It is well worth it!