How Large Companies Are Driving Innovation

Luminaries-Take-5-VideoThere is this myth that large enterprises can’t be innovative. Nothing could be further than the truth, and to prove it, I recently gave a videotaped talk where I ran through my top ten examples of the IT-led innovation that is taking place in many of today’s largest organizations.

All these organizations are taking advantage of disruptive technologies such as mobile, social, the cloud, and the Internet of things to create new possibilities that engage their customers and drive more business. Give the video a view and see if these examples spark some ideas for what you can try in your own organization. Click here to learn more on 10 Stories of IT-Led Business Innovation.

Alas, I ran out of time to run through all ten examples, so the video highlights my top five favorite examples of IT-led innovation in large enterprises. I told my live audience to look the others up later, but here are the ones I didn’t get to in the video:

  • Royal Caribbean, using tablets and smart phones, they are able to speed up boarding and make the bookings for activities onboard their ships faster, easier and more enjoyable.
  • The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is using the Internet of things with sensors on cars – on the windshield wipers, air conditioners, headlights, anti-lock brakes – to understand microclimates and help warn drivers of micro road conditions, such as an icy patch on the road ahead.
  • JCDecaux is using interactive billboards, with QR codes and infield communication to drive personalization and engagement for their clients.
  • Zynga is using private and hybrid clouds in revolutionary ways to improve the performance of both their business and their games.
  • The Museum of London is using near-field communications, QR codes and smart phones to drive greater engagement in the museum, and outside as well.

This video is part of a new online video speaker series called Luminaries Take 5 which was kicked off at CA World 2013. The five minute video segments, featuring IT industry visionaries, offer a provocative perspective on how disruptive technologies will drive innovation in today’s organizations. Other Luminaries Take 5 video segments can be found on and YouTube.


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