2013 IT outlook: Innovation trumps cost-cutting

Network World LogoYou know I am not a big fan of the prediction blog Рwhich neverthless never stops me from trying Рbut Ann Bednarz over at Network World has done  a stellar job of crystal ball gazing in her new article on the outlook for 2013, part of a significant series in that august journal. I am honored that she decided to interview me, and quotes me in some depth in the article.

“Cloud computing has accelerated the pace of change, undeniably,” says Andi Mann, vice president of strategic solutions at CA Technologies. With the availability of cloud services, start-ups in industries such as retail, healthcare and media, for instance, can set up shop without making enormous capital investments in tech. “We’ve seen new competitors come into crowded markets and totally disrupt those markets, and they can do it on a dime because they don’t have to buy infrastructure or set up a data center.”

It is rally a great, detailed piece, and you should read it immediately over at the original –¬† 2013 IT outlook: Innovation trumps cost-cutting.