Recent cloud critics, including Wozniak, intensify debate

NetworkWorld LogoBrandon Butler has penned another interesting article about the recent cloud failures, and some of the backlash from tech legend Steve Wozniak. It was nice to be able to speak with him about it and share some of my views, and he was kind enough to include some of my comments in his article:

The back-and-forth between the cloud critics and the cloud defenders is only natural. Ultimately, the fundamental arguments made by both Wozniak and Honan are about trust, which are “absolutely legitimate concerns,” says Andi Mann, vice president of strategy for CA Technologies. “The cloud is not magic,” Mann reminds users, noting that it still requires a plan on the end user’s part to ensure the systems are secured effectively.

The move to a cloud-computing dominated IT is a slow and steady process that is still in its early days. Think back, Mann says, to a decade ago when consumers and businesses would have thought online banking would not be safe, and today it’s commonplace. But many CIOs are still concerned about the public cloud, reinforcing Wozniak’s point.

There is a lot more in that article, with some very qualified people commenting too. Check the whole thing here – Recent cloud critics, including Wozniak, intensify debate.