Chinwag with Mike Laverick

Mike Laverick's RTFM Education

Mike Laverick's RTFM Education

I recently had the great pleasure of recording a ‘Chinwag’ on RTFM Education hosted by the inestimable Mike Laverick (@Mike_Laverick). Mike is a consummate pro with a comprehensive understanding of virtualization, so it was a privilege and a joy to record this video chat with him.

Andi and I covered a wide range of questions – and we simple didn’t have enough time to cover every topic. These are the questions we DID manage to get through in our time!

Q1. Folks used to talk about VM Sprawl, now their talking about VM stall. What is VM Stall, and what causes it?

Q2. I see you took a side swipe at the “the software mainframe” analogy for virtualization – go on let rip!

Q3. So you have just published a new book on virtualization and private cloud – what is that all about?

Q4. There’s a lot of talk on both sides about whether or not ITIL can coexist with virtualization and cloud. What is your take on that?

You can see/download  the whole Chinwag (on video or audio-only) here – Chinwag with Mike.