Cloud Computing Podcast with Techtarget – Part 2

TechTarget LogoMy podcast with SearchCloudComputing‘s Carl Brooks (Twitter’s @eekygeeky) was so much fun. In this two-part podcast, Carl and I talk about all sorts of issues regarding the management of cloud computing – a critical part of EMA’s ‘Responsible Cloud’ approach to cloud computing. Of course I had too much to say to fit in just a single short burst, so this post is about part 2 of the podcast.

In part 2 of podcast, Carl and I talk about:

  • cost details, pricing, and licensing models for cloud management tools
  • options for open source and ‘freemium’ tools for cloud computing management
  • the problems of an old-school approach to cloud computing management
  • the issues of paying for cloud computing management using traditional models
  • the critical dangers associated with a slow adoption of cloud computing management
  • the need to integrate with existing SOA, reporting, and other in-house disciplines
  • difficulties of managing on-premise, off-premise, and hybrid clouds
  • the real long-term ROI and NPV of cloud computing and management
  • the importance of analytics, chargeback, capacity management, and accountability in predictable cost models for cloud computing
  • the difficulty of visibility, verifiability, predictability, and the trust relationship with cloud computing providers
  • and what to look for in both pricing and general comfort levels

It was a great session. You should check it out at TechTarget’s site!